Shrewd Food Protein Puffs. Snacks with 14g of good protein!

If you are like me and like to snack, Shrewd Food Protein Puffs might be the “almost” perfect solution for you.  

Shrewd Food Protein puffs package

Shrewd Food Protein Puffs review

I’ve ordered them on amazon.  The puffs comes in an serving size package I’ve ordered them on amazon and bought a box of 6 bags.  Nothing particular tu say about packaging, but the protein puffs didn’t break like chips during shipping.

Benefits of Shrewd Food Protein Puffs

The Protein Puffs are a good alternative to popular snacks like candies, potato chips or other “regular” snacks.  One serving (one bag) contains 90 calories, 2 grams of carbs, 1 grams of sugar and 14 grams of protein. Since the main ingredient is milk protein isolate, there is also a good amount of calcium (20% DV).  

That being said, if you are on a strict diet and want to maximise your protein intake, they are the perfect solution for you afternoon cravings.

Just to compare, the same quantity (21 grams or 8.4 chips) of Ruffles All dressed potato chips:



SHREWD Food Protein Puffs Ruffles All dressed
14 grams
1.25 grams
3 grams
6.70 garms
2 grams
11 grams
1 gram
0.4 gram

Shrewd food protein puffs ingredients

Shrewd Food Protein Puff

The main ingredient in Shrewd food protein puffs is milk protein Isolate.  The rest is Natural Pizza seasoning ans Sunflower oil.

How does the protein puffs taste

I decided to try the Pizza flavor.  I can’t say they taste exactly like oven pizza, but the sure taste cheesy and salty.

Do you recommend Shrewd Food Protein Puffs?

I would recommend them to you if you are looking for a low carb / high protein snack.  The tase is good, there is a 14g of protein per serving and most of the ingredients are natural or readable.  That being said, they are a damn good alternative to potato chips.



Overall rating


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