Six Star Pre-Workout Explosion review

Today, I’ll be reviewing Six Star Pre-Workout Explosion.  Just like any other similar supplements, it’s purpose is to give you energy for your upcoming hard work. There is quite a lot of differences in which way each of them works, and what is included in the can.  Some of them (almost all of them) have a proprietary blend that consist of various quantities of vitamin C, caffeine, green coffee beans extract, green tea extract, taurine and so on.  We’ll got onto that later.  First things first…


The opinions and effects in this article are my own opinions and effects that I personally feels.  Everyone is different and you may react differently.  You should always follow the instructions and recommended dosage on any product you consume an consult a physician if you feel any side effects. I’ve talked about the benefits of dietary supplements before. You know I love them.  But again, it’s only my opinion.

The container

Six Star Pre-Workout Explosion

The product is your typical powder that you comes in a plastic can.  Chrome in that case.  The quantity I ordered on amazon is for 210 grams and is good for 30 servings.  The scoop is included.  I’ve order Six Star Pre-Workout Explosion because it was the cheapest and I wanted to see if it can compare with other Pre-Workout I’ve tried in the past.

I don’t know if it’s an assembly line error, but I got 3 anti-moist absorbers in my can.

What are the benefits Six Star Pre-Workout Explosion

There is actually 3 claims on the product.  

  • Extreme energy, focus and intensity
  • Increase in performance
  • Fuels muscles with amino acids

Increase Energy, focus and intensity

Six Star Pre-Workout Explosion does provided me with increased energy.  I react pretty well (most of us do) to caffeine and it’s one of the key ingredients, with vitamin C to provide some energy.  There is also L-Tyrosine and other ingredients, there for more energy, but I’m unsure how focused I were after. That being said, I saw an increase in energy, but not so much more focus.

Increase in performance

This is where I felt the most difference.  I did felt that I could lift more.  I’m on my own variation of the Strong Lift 5×5, and that pre-work worked as well as other I’ve tried before.  Or even better.  I did great lifts, the energy was there and lasted all my workout.  A close to an hour and a half workout.  I only drinked water during the workout.

Fuels muscles with amino acids

There is few different amino acids in the compound.  First there is L-Arginine (blood circulation) L-Citruline (makes your kidneys create L-Arginine with it (relaxes arteries). Also, interestingly enough, there is Creatine monohydrate.  creaitne as been around for some years and is a well known supplement for muscle growth.

Six Star Pre-Workout Explosion ingredients

We talked a bit about them,  but here is the complete list.

Six Star Pre-Workout Explosion ingredients


One scoop for 175 ml of water, 45-90 minutes before work out.  I suggest 250 ml otherwise you’ll feel like you’re drinking straight of a frozen juice can. Blends very well in any shaker or glass of water.

How does it taste

I tried the fruit punch version of Six Star Pre-Workout Explosion.  I’m more of “citrus” kind of guy when it comes to BCAA’s and Pre-Workouts, but I liked the taste once I and more water to it than recommended.  Taste like the typical fruit punch beverage.

Effects of Six Star Pre-Workout Explosion

I did feel really great working out with it.  I can’t say that it make me stronger but I was less tired than my usual workout without supplements.



Overall rating


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