Powerlifting is a strength discipline consisting of three lifts: bench press, squat and deadlift. The main goal is to lift as heavy as possible in only one rep.

Types of powerlifting

There is 2 different types of powerlifting: Raw (without equipment) or Equipped.

  • Raw powerlifting. Even though the classic method is called unequipped, the lifter can still put a belt, wrist wraps and, depending of the federation, knee wraps.
  • Equipped powerlifters also used a supportive shirt for the bench press that helps supporting the shoulders and increase the amount of weight someone can lift.

Is it a good exercise

Is is a good exercise for building muscles?

Doing three lift per gym sessions, (one squat, one bench and one deadlift) won’t build you muscles, even if you are going to the gym 7 times a week. But If you want a program that will help you build muscle and strength, I really suggest you look at stronglift 5×5. They have an app you can download. It consist of 5 different lifts, the three that comes straight out from powerlifting plus overhead press and barbell row. It makes a quite complete program.

What is the 1000lb club?

The 1000lb club is an unofficial club for lifters that can lift 1000lb total in one event. For an exemple, if you bench press 300lb, deadlift 400lb and squat 350lb = 1050lb total, congrats, you are in the 1000lb pound and considered a serious lifter. Still amateur, but serious.

Are there any records?

There is a lot of records considering that there is a lot of classes. You can tale a look at this wikipedia page to see the progression of the bench press record. Also note the difference of weight lifted between raw and equipped lifters.

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