Training in the morning

Is it really beneficial for your health?

Is it better to be training in the morning or at night? This is the big question. No studies or research support the benefits of training at one time or another during the day, so what is the best time? There is no correct answer.

It really depends on the preferences of each person and especially the time available to go to train. However, there are certain positive aspects if you decide to train in the morning. [1]

Training in the morning

  • It helps keep you aware
  • If you have trouble following an exercise routine normally, training in the morning may be the best option
  • Many people have difficulty finding time to go training. So, if it is done first thing in the morning, before having to do all the obligations of the day, you will not encounter all the obstacles that may arise during the day and that prevent you from going to do the gym
  • The body is rested: When you sleep, the body uses that time to recover from the previous day and collect energy for the next one
  • If you train in a gym, it’s usually less crowded

During sleep, the muscles are repaired and when you wake up your body is fresh and ready to train. Of course, this state depends on the quality of sleep. To have a good quality of sleep you have to make sure you go to sleep at a reasonable time and with all electronic devices, such as your mobile phone and TV, at least one hour before bedtime.

  • Finally, it is important to remember that warm-up must be done before starting the training to warm up and prepare the muscles.
  • Training with lower amount of energy can be avoided with a pre-workout

Realistically, for some people it is difficult to train in the morning, this will depend on the habits of the person and his will. It is important to sleep the hours needed to wake up with the energy required to train. The muscles and the brain, need rest. Obviously, a good rest will ensure an optimal day of training during the morning.

Your schedule does not determine the success of your training

Everyone is different and this is where personal preferences come into play. If you tend to be very tired in the morning, you may not be able to give 100% in training. And there are people who if they have exercised in the morning, at lunchtime they cannot even lift their fork because of how tired they are. So, it is important to know oneself and know what information our body is giving us since he is the one who tells us what is the best time to train him.

Each person can either train very early in the morning or late at night, and still enjoy good health and see the goals they want in terms of muscle mass gain and/or burn fat. The schedules are nothing more than simple excuses for not exercising, in most cases.

Whatever the time, do not forget that food is important. Eat before and after training, do not repeat the same routine every day. The body and muscles need rest for recovery and increase their volume. Doing any type of exercise is good, at any time of the day.

Start your new lifestyle, drop the excuses and train in the morning!



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