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You can buy performance supplements in stores, or online, from shops all around the world. Undoubtedly, there is many reasons that makes you want to buy from Canadian supplements companies. Here is a list of companies and why you should buy from them. I will update this list frequently.

Why buy Canadian Supplements
The Canadian health agency

The Canadian Health agency is very clear about what is allowed or not in our food and supplements. A great exemple is energy drinks. The amount of Caffeine, Taurine and other stimulants aren’t the same in every country. As you may guess, Canada as one of the lowest amounts of those authorized. Especially if you compare with USA.

Canadian supplements companies must respect those standards, otherwise they could received fines. Even, they might have products removed from shelves.

You promote work in our country

Laboratories or manufactured that produce supplements in Canada create employment and keep our economy strong. Therefore, we live in Canada, we train in Canada, we should buy from fellow Canadians.

Canadian supplements companies
The list of supplements companies that I know.

Established in Quebec, ProteinCo offers a wide range of products. Actually, you could get all your supplements from them. They have it all, BCAA, EAA, Protein powder, ZMA etc. Their products are available from their own or on I’ve checked a few products and they have the same price tag on both places.

Iron Kingdom
Based in British Colombia, Iron Kingdom can hook you up with Test boosters, BCAAs and, my favorite, Energy+. Simply put, it’s an energy drink with a twist. Each can contains 3 grams of BCAA. You got to try the white freezie flavored one. Available online on or Sometimes there is a difference on what is available on Amazon and their website.

Canadian Protein
Ontario based Canadian protein is, as you could guess, specialized in protein powders. However, they have a quite extensive variety of other supplements like pre-workout, BCAAs and Creatine. If you like funky protein flavors, like birthday cake, give Canadian Protein a shot. Available on or

Perfect Sport
Also based in Ontario, Perfect sport offers whey proteins, isolate and mass gainers, creatine and fat burners.  They also have a product called Onset that is a cognitive enhencement. Available on their website or

Now if your thing is simplicity, there is Suppy. Pretty simple. Suppy offers only whey protein, Vanilla or Chocolate. Simple as that. However, the reviews are quite good and I will probably check out the vanilla one sometime. Available through their website

Inov Pharma (Nutri Bio Pharma)
Nutri Bio Pharma is the INOV Pharma body building line of products.  They have your traditional whey, creatine, BCAA and Pre-workout.  Available in some supplements stores and via Sunshine Pharma. They are located in Quebec.

Iron vegan
Iron vegan is a trade mark of Jamieson Wellness Inc. If you want to go vegan with protein powders and BCAAs, This might be the best option for you. You can buy from online from or They also have protein bars.

Precision Supplements
Another trade mark of Jamieson Wellness Inc, Precision offers a wide variety of products like fat burners, protein powders, testosterone maintenance and other performance supplements.  Available in most supplements retail stores and on

Kaisen Naturals
Kaisen offer natural supplements.  They have a, like most other companies Protein powders, BCAAs and creatine, but they also have a meal replacement that looks quite complete.  Available on their website or

Manufactured in British Colombia, Leanfit offers protein powders only.  They prepare organic plant based proteins, as well as more conventional whey.  Available on or their own website.

Vega is a manufacturer of protein powders, protein bars and more.  All of their products are plant based.  Available on and on Vega website.

Precision All Naturals
Precision all Naturals is based in Toronto.  They have 5 different protein powders including rice protein powder. Available on but at the time of writing, only 3 of their product was avaialble.

Ontario based Biosteel offers a wide variety of products for athletes.  They have a wide variety of flavors for most of their products.  What I liked (but didn’t tried yet) is the hydration tub that contains 12 individually packed servings that are easy to carry in a gym bag for exemple.  Available on or

Beyong Yourself
Beyong yourself provides quite a good variety of supplements in a equally wide variety of funky favors lige banana pops and peach rings. Available on and on

I’ve listed a few companies based in Canada. However, if you feel like I’ve missed one, feel free to contact me.

Disclaimer: You are responsible to verify with a health specialist that this product or exercise is good for you. You can’t held, it’s partners, authors or any related person or company responsible for injuries, allergies, health problems.  Please also note that or the authors on the website might receive a commission from an eventual purchase.  All supplements have been reviewed by the authors and it’s only their opinions on the product reviews.

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