Boost testosterone levels naturally with these 6 foods

Testosterone is the male sex hormone par excellence and has, first and foremost, an anabolic function also intervening in sexual activity and fitness. I’m a big advocate of supplements. But they are what they are. Supplements. They can help you maintain mass, gain more muscles, growth faster. Last month I wrote an article regrading the benefits of dietary supplements. That being said, if you want to boost testosterone levels naturally, these are the foods that can help you.

Why take care of testosterone levels?

As the years go by, testosterone levels begin to decrease, although it can also happen due to an alteration in the metabolism and the endocrine system or as a result of stress or other bad habits.

How to reverse the drop-in that can cause the passage of time?

Preserving blood testosterone levels means keeping your functions intact and enjoying some benefits it provides, such as:

  • Reduce fatigue and promote recovery after intense physical training, or also improve physical performance and performance.
  • Maintain good levels of muscle mass and keep body fat at bay, because this hormone depends largely on muscle gain and over time, when their levels fall, the percentage of fat increases, especially abdominal fat.
  • Maintain high libido or what is the same, sexual desire, also contributing to a healthy and active sex life because testosterone is necessary to have and sustain an erection.
  • Take care of bone health by allowing the conservation of its structure when testosterone levels are adequate.
  • Improve fertility by influencing sperm production in addition to being key to active sex life.

6 Foods to boost testosterone level naturally

If you start to notice symptoms of drop-in testosterone levels or if you simply want to preserve their proportion in the body despite the passage of time, these foods can help you achieve it:

  1. Eggs

Proteins are key at this time to prevent the loss of testosterone according to a study published in 2008. As egg white is 100% high quality protein, its consumption is highly recommended as part of the daily diet. The consumption of whole egg is also recommended as it contains its white to stimulate the synthesis and production of testosterone. [1]

  • Extra virgin olive oil

Dietary fats should be sufficient for testosterone levels to be adequate. Extra virgin olive oil can be a source of quality fats and provide antioxidants that could reduce cortisol, also favoring testosterone production. [2]

  • Bluefish

Bluefish with high-fat content such as herring, salmon, sardines, anchovies or tuna not only provide quality fats to the body but also proteins and vitamin D which is a nutrient that affects testosterone levels. Therefore, nothing better than increasing the consumption of this type of fish rich in fat and vitamin D.

  • Fruits and vegetables

Although in some cases they offer quality proteins, the intake of various fruits and vegetables is recommended every day to obtain quality hydrates and also, antioxidants that keep cortisol levels in the body at bay, helping this way not to reduce the production of testosterone.

  • Oysters and clams

They provide proteins to the body, but they are also an excellent source of zinc, a mineral closely linked to the production of testosterone. [3]

  • Nuts and seeds

They are also a source of zinc, provide antioxidants that can reduce blood cortisol and also provide quality fats and hydrates and enough energy that is required for proper testosterone production.

With all these foods in the usual diet and performing an intense training that is the main stimulus for the production of testosterone, you can boost testosterone levels naturally in the body and thus, enjoy its benefits on health and fitness.

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