Allmax Creatine review

Creatine is one of the most well known, and used, supplements for muscle growth.  It’s present naturally in your muscles. Nevertheless a lot of bodybuilders and powerlifters around the world consume creatine to increase their performance and muscle gains. Thank you for reading my Allmax creatine review!


Allmax creatine

Depending of the format you order, Allmax creatine comes in a semi transparent blue canister.  Available on amazon in 100g, 400g and 1000g ultra-fine powder and 150 capsules bottle.

Benefits of creatine

Creatine is well known in the community.  As I said earlier, it’s available naturally in your body.  It’s main purpose is to store energy and makes it available for the muscles when you workout. Also, it attracts water in your muscles and makes it easily available for them.  To make it simple, the more creatine you got, the more water you will keep available for your muscles.  Therefore, more power and better protein synthesis. It all translates in muscle growth.  

On a side nite, most pre-workout contains creatine monohydrate for those 

Allmax creatine ingredients review.

This is a simple one.  5g of creatine monohydrate per serving.  Also, since it’s in powder form, and not pills, there is no gelatin or anything that might be included in the capsule fabrication.  Please also note that Allmax creatine is also Gluten free and vegan/vegetarian friendly.


Allmax did a great job to make an ultra-fine powder.  I’ve tried creatine from other companies and it’s by far the less grainy that I tried so far.  It’s easy to dissolve and the ultra-fine particules are way easier to digest. 

Review of Allmax creatine taste

Creatine does not have any taste.

Effects of Allmax creatine review

I did feel a more pump while training.  Usually I use a pre-workout before training and I decided to ditch it for the time of my creatine cycle.  The first week was a bit harder for me, but after a while I get really good workouts and noticed that my muscles were a bit more firm.



Overall rating


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